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As a tour guide, I am delighted to have achieved the "WE'RE GOOD TO GO "industry standard. This means that I follow the industry and government standard COVID-19 guidelines. It is always a delight to work with other establishments who ensure that practical measures have been put in place to ensure a great tour. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns

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John McFerran has a passion for History. Studying History at Queens University in Northern Ireland in 1972. Like so many people John went into corporate management business to support his family and secure their well being. The passion still ignited inside and now living in the North West John decided to pursue his passion of History, love of The Beatles, Liverpool, Chester, Port Sunlight, Peaky Blinders and other areas of the North. John qualified as a Blue Badge Guide in 2013 Since then he has been conducting walking tours, coach tours, and private tours. Using his charm and charisma to share the wonderful history that awaits you... no matter what age you are everyone can learn new things. So many people have a love for The Beatles but how much do you know about how they started off? What places did they hang out and write and discuss their future? You can actually sit and have a drink in the pub where they made their plans. You might have witnessed the beautiful architecture that Liverpool has to offer but might not know how and why they were built. Did you know it was a Protestant that built the Catholic Cathedral and Catholic that built the Anglican Cathedral? There is so much to explore and learn. Check out the testimonials of real people who've already enjoyed Johns Tours.

"People around every corner, They seem to smile and say .............."

Gerry and the Pacemakers 

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